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Dem. Kyle Horton running for 2020 New Hanover Co. commissioner seat

Port City Daily – Dec. 14, 2019
Horton said she would retain key issues from her Congressional campaign, including moves to “protect healthcare, clean our water, strengthen public education, defend our Veterans, and preserve our democracy.” Horton also said she would work on “reversing recent changes to the transparency of our county governance that she believes run counter to basic democratic norms and values.” Read the full article.

Days away from County Commission vote, officials field more questions on possible hospital sale

WECT News 6 – Aug. 28, 2019
“As a physician who’s lived through sort of the monumental changes that come about, whether it’s through a merger or through a consolidation or whether they privatize and all out sell, I am deeply concerned with what they are telling us here, because they are not laying out a case for why it is so urgent that we proceed with a possibility of sale at this particular juncture.” Read the full article.

In Pictures: Protestors gather at Save Our Hospital rally before county vote

Port City Daily – Sep. 17, 2019
“The people have spoken that this is our hospital,” Horton said. “We are incredibly proud of the success of NHRMC, and want to retain local control if at all possible. We are gathering to collectively ask that our New Hanover County Commissioners respect the will of the people, and much of the medical community, that this process be delayed, deliberate, accountable, and transparent.” Read the full article.
Protect Public Health

Protect Public HelathThe chorus of voices in opposition to the sale of New Hanover Regional Medical Center has been overwhelming in volume, and I stand with our community. I am opposed to the sale of NHRMC, and believe that we must delay any proposals merging with, or being purchased by, an outside entity until after January 2021 when the voters have had a say in electing new commissioners. We must fight to retain local control of our beloved county hospital that has been thriving for 52 years.

Plan of Action

  • Protect healthcare for all of Southeastern North Carolina’s citizens, which includes a need to maintain the scope, quality, and quantity of existing services provided by NHRMC.
  • Engage the doctors, nurses, and staff in an ongoing series of governance, quality, and efficiency-related discussions and surveys to be independently conducted over the coming months, with findings reported directly to the NHRMC Board, Partnership Advisory Group, and NHC Commissioners.
  • Review and safeguard existing NHRMC agreements with facilities and hospitals in adjacent counties, and give them a voice in future, long-term discussions of NHRMC’s fate.
  • Fight privatization schemes that would create larger monopolies as they often lead to price manipulation and increased costs of care.
  • Ensure any governance changes respect and maintain local input and majority interest, given the hospital was created by public referendum, and should be accountable to the voters.
  • Proactively address disparities, including in maternal mortality for African American women who have been dying at three times the rate of their white counterparts.
  • Protect and expand the broad range of existing outreach efforts of NHRMC in our community, which extend from the direct provision of indigent care and opiate safety, to health literacy education and addressing social determinants of health like housing.
  • Commit to the provision and improvement of healthcare for ALL, regardless of race, age, gender, health status, or ability to pay.
Clean Our Water

An environment free of pollution is the best gift we can give our children. As a doctor who lived in Flint, Michigan, I know about the devastating consequences of a lack of leadership on issues of clean water and am determined to provide the consistent leadership these crises merit. Having recently served on a national community engagement committee engaged with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to address PFAS pollution, I am committed to take any and all measures to ensure clean, health-protective drinking water for all New Hanover County citizens.

Plan of Action

  • Demand basic environmental protections to keep water safe and drinkable working with Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.
  • Implement a policy of PFAS-free procurement so that taxpayer dollars no longer pad the pocketbooks of big polluters like Chemours/DuPont by purchasing products containing toxic PFAS for use in our government buildings.
  • Take every measure to hold Chemours and other big polluters accountable, including for medical monitoring as we deal with the aftermath and health consequences of their contamination.
  • Work with state lawmakers to advocate for the kind of regulatory science and epidemiologic studies that would enable us to understand the impact of PFAS, including Gen X on human health.
  • Push policies requiring energy corporations pay for cleanup of toxic coal ash ponds rather than transferring costs to ratepayers.
  • Ensure health-protective drinking water is available to all our kids in our schools at every drinking fountain and on every athletic field or after-school program site.
  • Advocate and empower our Soil and Water Conservation District to protect our water quality and educate our citizenry and employers on essential infrastructure needs including in wastewater treatment as storms have caused critical overflows and exposed inadequate capacity.
  • Continue innovatively working with the county engineer to improve stormwater services which will protect our neighborhoods recognizing that this is vital to our storm resiliency.
  • Empower medical providers and citizens through our county public health department to better understand health effects from our contamination and to avoid consumer products containing PFAS in order to limit exposure to these toxic, forever chemicals.
Strengthen Public Education

Public education is the most important investment in our future. From my own experience, I know that education is the path to innovation, equal opportunity, and leadership. We must invest in universal Pre-K and guarantee that all students have a quality K-12 education.  As a crisis of molestation and abuse within our schools has become evident, we must implement a zero tolerance policy when it comes to hiring or harboring abusers or sexual predators in order to keep our kids safe. As our kids move on to higher education, we need to remove the politics from the administration of Cape Fear Community College and invest in the essential workforce and vocational programs it provides. As in Brunswick County, CFCC should be funded to be free and accessible to any qualifying graduating New Hanover County public student who would like to attend.

Plan of Action

  • Establish a clear zero tolerance policy for abuse and sexual predators in a way that holds any and all administrators or complicit witnesses accountable.
  • Fill the gap in investment that has New Hanover County 20th among NC counties for funding our public schools although we are 6th in wealth—while proactively addressing the discriminatory funding practices that are worsening disparities.
  • Engage in an open budget negotiation process between the NHC Board of Commissioners and NHC Board of Education with a series of public meetings allowing for transparency as to the rationale behind commissioners’ final budgeting decisions, which will allow public accountability in how our taxpayer dollars are allotted.
  • Support social and technological innovation and the arts within the public schools to enhance opportunities and ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment.
  • Prioritize and promote the participation of girls and underserved K-12 youth in STEM disciplines, and work with the school board to provide funds to support such programs.
  • Pay our school ancillary staff, teachers aides, and bus drivers appropriately for the dignity and importance of the work they do to keep our kids healthy and thriving in our public schools.
  • Empower the Title IX committee and ensure impartiality in the exercise of its authority to keep our kids safe while we foster an inclusive environment in which any and all complaints are handled fairly, in a timely manner, and without fear of recrimination or re-victimizing those who are reporting.
  • Protect students from discrimination based on race, color, national origin and gender by enforcing existing Title VI and Title IX provisions.
  • Pave the way to affordable post secondary education opportunities to prepare all students for 21st century jobs while protecting the integrity in hiring and appointing folks to serve our beloved Cape Fear Community College.
Safeguard Public Transit

In recent months, Wave Transit has come under fire, with the NHC Board of Commissioners making a surprise move to defund this essential public service. With delays in payment as well as the chronic strain of federal and state budgetary limitations, Wave’s current financing formula and funding basis has proven unsustainable. In truth, many public health studies have found that access to reliable, safe transportation with reasonable commuting times, is one of the most important factors to economic success.

Plan of Action

  • Sustainably fund Wave transit to respect its critical role to our economy, including to lower wage workers and those ineligible for drivers licenses with limited transportation options.
  • Solidify and plan for funding sustainability at times when hurricanes, winter storms, or university downtime may impact the revenue stream.
  • Engage the public and stakeholders actively and throughout the planned Wave leadership changes by holding public meetings with agendas that are publicized in advance in order to ensure awareness and transparency of funding difficulties and unmet needs.
  • Expand and innovate by providing services at times and with routes that attract choice riders who have other means of transportation but would opt in to Wave with improvement using best practices and available technology.
  • Explore innovative ways to achieve greater flexibility with cleaner transportation options that would improve our air quality and reduce our fossil fuel reliance.
  • Safeguard public transportation as essential for those with disabilities and as the only means for many to access medical care, food, and essentials of daily living.
  • Avoid privatization schemes that would take taxpayer funds and inappropriately give them to for-profit ride sharing entities that do not provide affordable options for those who are most in need of reliable transportation means.
Preserve Our Coast

Like many of us, I know that our way of life here in Eastern North Carolina depends on a clean and healthy coast. From tourism and recreation to commercial fishing and real estate, our economy is intertwined with an ecosystem that is all too easy to destroy. Continued fossil fuel exploration costs us billions in clean up and relief, risks century-long climate and environmental damage, fuels superstorms, and endangers lives. Coastal beach renourishment and wetlands protection is absolutely essential to our storm resiliency, to mitigating sea level rise, to safeguarding property investments, and to protecting our wildlife.

Plan of Action

  • Continue existing innovative solutions and adaptive strategies to fund essential beach renourishment as well as the preservation of dunes and coastal marshes working local, state, to federal.
  • Encourage economic development through partnerships for the conduct of coastal research that would bring biotechnology jobs in cleaner industries that respect our unique geology and geography.
  • Fiercely oppose any and all efforts to pursue offshore drilling by our federal lawmakers as an unnecessary risk to our environment as well as our local economy, way of life, and coastal ecology.
  • Encourage innovation with clean energy solutions like wind and solar to diversify our energy portfolio and bring jobs to our area.
  • Protect our wetlands and prevent inappropriate development that infringes on critical habitats or fragile coastal ecosystems recognizing that both are essential to our climate and storm resiliency. 
Grow Smart, Reduce Traffic

Growth and traffic are two major issues facing New Hanover County today. Many citizens are rightfully concerned that growth in NHC is outpacing our existing infrastructure while creating horrific traffic problems, destroying our natural beauty, and damaging our quality of life. We need smart, healthy, and resilient growth that respects infrastructure limitations. The county should also invest more resources into addressing the affordable housing crisis, recognizing that many hardworking families are affected, including first responders and teachers who cannot afford to live in the communities they serve.

Plan of Action

  • Ensure infrastructure capacity is adequate, from the roads to stormwater prior to development, by proactively working with local, state, and federal governments. 
  • Strengthen the Unified Development Ordinance sections on Industrial Use and Manufacturing to better protect the public health and environment—including more stringent impact review standards and more public transparency/review during the approval process.
  • Preserve and expand green space and promote our natural beauty while investing in public transit and bike paths to build a healthier environment and decrease traffic.
  • Improve safety, accessibility, and infrastructure for bike riders by investing in more signage, widening bike lanes on roads, increasing bike rack availability, and educating the public to better share the road.
  • Address the pace and density of development recognizing that this can place undue strain on our infrastructure in unsafe ways, causing traffic accidents, affecting stormwater runoff, and weakening hurricane resilience.
  • Expand efforts to prevent deforestation and preserve the natural beauty of our mature trees, understanding that our forests protect our air quality, prevent erosion, and are essential to weathering hurricanes.
  • Foster economic growth and job creation in clean, healthy industries like film, education, healthcare, and tech while fighting for living-wage jobs. 

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Join hundreds of voters who have already added their name to our petition to save New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

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Join hundreds of voters who have already added their name to our petition to save New Hanover Regional Medical Center.